Heavy Duty Transfer Hoses



You should keep your drilling area productive if you want to get good result. There are many methods that you can apply. One of the methods is transferring the water from tanks to the entire area. This is very important to keep the site productive. So, you should pay attention to this method and think the best application. You will need some equipment for the application.To Buy Cheap Lay Flat Hoses Here.


The application may include suction, discharge or the combination of both. For any application, water transfer hose will fill your need. For some cases, you may need heavy duty transfer hoses from our company. When choosing the hoses, you should carefully select. In the store, there are many options of transfer hose. In order to minimize the options, you should consider the function, the material, the flexibility, the diameter, and the performance of the hose. Hose is designed for many kinds of usage. Not all hoses can be used in many cases. You should also think the surface of your area. Choose the best material that can give longer life. Flexibility is also important to check. Decide the diameter that you need. After planning those aspects, you can go to the store and ask the hose that you need. If you are still confused, the staff will give you recommendation.


How to maintain heavy duty transfer hoses for longer life


Our company provides good quality heavy duty transfer hoses. But, we know that a hose has limited life. You can make its life shorter or longer. It depends on your maintenance. The user should pay attention to the maintenance in order to extend the life. The user should also minimize the signs of failure especially when the hose requires high work. You should do inspection and test periodically. You need to follow the procedure care from the manufacturer. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance and storage procedure well, there will be possible damage or another serious injury.


If you buy heavy duty transfer hoses from our company, the general instruction is described in the manual instruction. You can also read the instruction for the storage of the hose. Some people may not read the instructions for the storage. Actually, this is very important part in order to minimize the bad risk. Good storage will extend and enhance the life of the hose product significantly. So, don’t forget to read the instruction.


The instruction is included in the package and it is not an accessory. The instruction is available in some languages, so you can easily understand.

You need to care your heavy duty transfer hoses properly. Do not lay the hose over the sharp surface except it is particularly designed for such surface. Hose is designed according to the function. It is important for you to understand the function of the hose and area of the hose before shopping. You should choose hose that is suitable for your need. If you need hose for sharp surface, you need to choose thicker hose so it can stand in long time. You should use the hose at its rated working pressure.


You can use it below the rated working pressure, but you are not recommended to use it at above-rated working pressure. If you need to change the pressure, do not change instantly. You should make a tempo by changing the pressure gradually. Do not make the hose get too much flow pressure if you want to extend its life. You are also recommended to avoid kinking the hose over the equipment. If you want to hold big size hose, you can use slings, dollies, or handle rings that are correctly placed to support the hose.


In order to determine that your hose works well, you need to do hydrostatic test periodically. You can do visual inspection to the kink, cover, or soft spot to know the condition. You need to fix the broken or displaced item. The fitting should be examined well. If you find there is a sign of hose’s movement, you need to remove the hose from the installment. A hydrostatic test can be done at recommended working stress. Doing hydrostatic rest periodically is important for hose, except the woven jacketed fire hose. When doing hydrostatic test, you should make sure the hose is straight. The hose should not be in kinked position. Make sure that the hose is not coiled. You can use water as the medium for test. You can also use alcohol to throw away the moisture. If you want to get good result, you need to follow regular schedule.


Safety warning for heavy duty water transfer hoses


Our company always tries to provide good quality transfer hoses. For maintenance, you need to do pressure test. You cannot directly do the test. If you want to do pressure test for heavy-duty transfer hoses, you should also consider the safety warning. This is very important in order to make sure your safety and prevent possible damage to your hose. If you are not skilled well, you need to ask the help of others. Pressure test should be done with proper procedure and proper tools. Compressible gas or air is not allowed to be media of the test. Air or gas can cause explosive action to the hose. This is a failure that should be forbidden since it can result in damage and serious injury. Before filing the hose using the medium, it is recommended to remove the air from the hose. Removing the air can be done by bleeding the air through outlet valve. Water is considered as the nest media. But, other fluids such as oil, gasoline, solvent can be used for the media. If the media is not water, provisions should be taken to keep against the damage. Extra safety is required if the liquid could cause explosion. Put the steel rod near the end of hose to restrain the hose. The hose should be free to move. The steel rod can be firmly anchored into the test arrangement in proper position so the hose can freely move. Safety equipment should be prepared to protect if a failure occurs.


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